WATCH: Men filmed hoarding baby formula in Adelaide

Frustrated parents have exposed a group of men they say are hoarding baby formula in Adelaide, leaving shelves bare for other consumers.

In video obtained by 7 News, the three men can be seen unloading more than three boxes of the formula from the boot of a car.

A concerned parent filmed the video at Mawson Lakes on Tuesday, after noticing the men unloading the boxes.

"He's gone to all different shops, I've seen a Woolworths bag, a Coles bag, a Chemist Warehouse bag," the person recording the video says.

Frustrated parents have exposed a group of men hoarding baby formula. Photo: 7 News
Men seen unloading more than three boxes of the formula from a car. Photo: 7 News

A contamination issue with formula in China has sparked the lucrative practice, with Australian shelves cleared so cans can be sold overseas, sometimes at three times the price.

Boxes of formula are often sent from international couriers. It is frowned upon but not necessarily illegal.

Federal law says you have to ship more than 10 kilos of Australian baby formula without a permit to face the penalty of up to a year in jail.

A man seen unloading boxes of formula from his car. Photo: 7 News

Major supermarkets have tried to combat the issue, by limiting the amount of cans people can buy to just four.

But there's little they can do to stop people stockpilling over multiple transactions.

One mum told 7 News that even though she lives in the northern suburbs she had to come into Adelaide city to buy formula due to a lack of supply.

There are also fears that prices on formula in Australia could be driven up by the trend.

It’s not known whether the men in the video are preparing to sell the formula or ship it overseas.

Newsbreak - July 13