Man breaks baseball bat in half with kung fu kick after road rage attack

Kamilia Palu

A motorist in China was filmed using an impressive display of kung fu to fend off a man wielding a baseball bat in a bizarre road rage incident.

The victim of the attack snapped the bat in half with a powerful kick, leaving the aggressor stunned as broken pieces rattled to the ground.

The aggressor wielding the baseball bat approaches the man after a close call on their scooters. Photo: YouTube
A quick kick snapped the bat in half, leaving the attacker stunned. Photo: YouTube

The dramatic display started when one man cut the other off as they drove their scooters down a suburban laneway.

Despite being responsible for the near crash, the man was quick to jump off his scooter and point his weapon at the innocent driver.

With a lightning-fast spinning kick, the second motorist breaks the bat in half leaving only the handle in the attacker’s hand.

The bully was quick to flee the scene after his weapon was destroyed. Photo: YouTube

The bully quickly throws the broken piece of wood at his victim before jumping on his scooter to flee the scene.

Dashcam footage of the incident has gone viral since it was posted online, clocking up two million views in two weeks.


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