Man body-slams pub owner's car in bizarre footage

A man has been caught on security camera footage mounting a pub fence and attacking a car in a bizarre display outside a hotel in Queensland.

The incident happened about at 3.25pm outside McGuire's CBD Hotel in Mackay on Thursday.

Owner of the car and the pub hotel, Paul Baxter, saw the man run into the pub, exit into the beer garden, mount a fence and “crash tackle” the Ford sedan from above.

In the footage, the man can be seen repeatedly hurling himself onto the car until its roof almost caves in.

The man body-slams the car multiple times from above. Source: Daily Mercury

He then attempts to kick in the windows, before running off in a daze.

Mr Baxter has owned the pub for almost three years. He said he had “never seen such frenzied behaviour,” the Daily Mercury reported.

"I'd say he was heavily into ice or drugs, I'm not sure,” Mr Baxter speculated. “He was just going loopy.”

"He done a fair bit of damage to himself. I thought he would take his own life the way he was going."

Police are investigating the incident, but unfortunately it seems Mr Baxter’s car is now a write-off.

"Hopefully they can catch him,” he told the Daily Mercury.

"I've never seen him before. But I'm sure someone in town will recognise him.”