Man allegedly blows up house after fight with his mum

A man has allegedly blown up his parent's home after an argument with his mother.

The explosion sparked an emergency in Mount Helena in Perth's hills with fire spreading through bush and neighbouring properties.

On Saturday, a 34-year-old faced court, as his parents sifted through the rubble where their family home once stood.

The two storey home was completely burnt down. Source: 7 News
The man allegedly set these gas cylinders alight. Source: 7 News

Two large gas cylinders were allegedly set on fire in the car port, flattening the home.

The house is completely gone with nothing salvageable and photos show the site with just twisted metal.

Police say a 34-year-old man lived at the home with his parents.

Fire ripped through the property. Source: 7 News
There's nothing left to salvage. Source: 7 News

At around 6.30pm on Friday he and his mother allegedly had an argument and she left.

Police allege the owner's 34-year-old son set fire to the two-storey home then jumped from the second floor.

He badly cut the back of his head and it's understood he broke his ankle.

Crews worked to clean up the mess. Source: 7 News

Neighbours hundreds of metres away say their homes shook during the explosions.

The arson squad charged the 34-year-old man with criminal damage by fire. He wasn't well enough to attend court on Saturday and had a bedside hearing at Royal Perth Hospital.

He was remanded in custody.