Man accused of meth lab killing 'following orders from drug boss'

A man accused of killing a couple inside a western Sydney meth lab was allegedly acting on the orders of a female drug boss, a court has been told.

The jury heard alleged “Queen-pin” Dung Thi Ngo, 42, wanted revenge over the theft of ice and instructed henchman Kevin Ly, 27, to kill her drug cook Son Thanh Nguyen and his girlfriend Thi Kim Lien Do.

The prosecutor argued Ngo ordered the killing because she suspected Mr Nguyen had stolen drugs.

Dung Thi Ngo, 42, has been charged with two counts of murder, after she suspected her drug cook was stealing ice.  Source: AAP Image/Brendan Esposito

“She allegedly produced a large amount of cash to Mr Ly and said ‘Just do it’,” Crown Prosecutor Ken Gilson told the Sydney Supreme Court on Monday.

“Ly strangled Son with the help of another associate.”

The couple was allegedly killed in a Canley Vale home that doubled as a meth lab on April 10, 2013.

Kevin Ly, 27, is also charged with two counts of murder. Source: AAP Image/Joel Carrett

Mr Nguyen’s body was found the next day in Bankstown, bound and beaten.

The body of his partner was discovered nine months later on a semi-rural property in West Hoxton.

Their bodies were both found wrapped in bed sheets.

The bodies of Son Thanh Nguyen and Thi Kim Lien Do were found wrapped in bedsheets and dumped in Bankstown and West Hoxton, in April 2013 and January 2014 respectively. Source: 7 News.

The court heard the pair were lured to the Canley Vale house where they were threatened and beaten after refusing to give information about the missing drugs.

Ngo then allegedly ordered the executions before leaving the house so Ly and his group could carry out the murders.

The jury was told there is a lack of DNA evidence and the case will rely heavily on witnesses.