Magaluf hotel deemed 'more dangerous than Syria' after sickening attack on tourists

Krystal Johnson

The Magaluf hotel has been deemed “more dangerous than Syria” after a sickening video was released of security staff allegedly attacking a British DJ and his girlfriend.

BH Mallorca has been slammed on social media after bystanders filmed the horrifying moment UK DJ Alex Henderson and his girlfriend Robbie Hofmann were viciously bashed next to a swimming pool.

Alex Henderson and girlfriend Robbie Hofmann. Photo: Instagram

About 3,500 people and counting have left one-star reviews on the four-star hotel's social media pages.

Trip Advisor user, Dan Straughan wrote: "Syria is a safer place to be than this place" alongside a one star review.

Another user Lisa Akmenkalns wrote: "People should only stay here if they want to be beaten up and end up in hospital."

Witnesses took to Facebook to say Mr Henderson was left bruised after the alleged bashing.
Photo: Facebook

'Ma1nman' commented related this hotel to the “the wild west” and says he is lucky to have escaped unscathed.

“I feel lucky to have escaped this place without being beaten up,” he said.

“The security gave me the impression of being over zealous and waiting for a chance to get you along and give you a good beating. “

Onlookers claimed the woman allegedly threw a plastic cup at the security, while the couple was on holiday and it was alleged the security reacted after Ms Hofmann ‘threw a plastic cup at one of them'.

Eyewitnesses claimed Mr Henderson was left ‘bleeding from the eyes’ and looked ‘helpless and purple’ after the bouncers allegedly ‘kicked his head in’.

Ms Hofmann was seen in the footage wearing a bikini as she was held down by one of the reported hotel employees.

Robbie Hofmann was viciously bashed next to the BH Mallorca's swimming pool. Photo: Instagram
Thousands of people have lashed out at the hotel for the treatment of Robbie Hofmann (pictured) and her DJ boyfriend after the hotel posted a 'heartless' statement to Facebook. Photo: Facebook

Thousands of people have lashed out at the hotel after they posted a statement to Facebook on the incident claiming the pair "refused to leave at closing time.”

The statement read: “The management of BH are as troubled as everyone else by what is shown on the video yesterday."

“The guests were not staying at BH Mallorca, they were visiting for the day and refused to leave at closing time.”

The hotel went on to say they do not “condone” violence and claim they are working with local authorities about what happened before and after the incident.

“We have asked the external company who provide our security to stop these guards from working here,” the post read.

Facebook users were furious by the statement and say the hotel should be shut down especially after blaming the couple for the guards' outburst.

This is the statement that alleges that the hotel doesn't
A man claiming to be the hotel's manager commented on the claims, the post has not been verified by the hotel. Photo: Facebook

One user, who claimed to work at the hotel, said Ms Hofmann was "having a s*** in the swimming pool at the time she was pulled out."

This claim is unverified and Yahoo7 have contacted the hotel multiple times in relation to this allegation but have yet to receive a response.

Jakub Matejko uploaded the video of the alleged attack to Facebook.

He said he was ‘disgusted’ by what he saw.

“Guards picked up on a girl because she threw a plastic cup at one of them, the guy went up to her and slaps her so her boyfriend trying to protect her jump in and end up with broken head and bleeding from eyes,” he wrote.

A friend of Mr Henderson also took to social media to say his friend had only suffered cuts and bad bruising.

During the footage another hotel guest can be heard shouting ‘stop it’.

It’s believed the incident is being investigated by police.