M&M's fans blast 'woke' changes to much-loved characters

A "woke" makeover of the beloved M&M's characters by parent company Mars Incorporated has sparked outrage on social media as many consumers are deeming the move "ridiculous."

The "fresh and modern" rebrand of the six iconic characters means the M&M's mascots will now represent "more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling."

The "sexy" green M&M's character has traded in her signature go-go boots for a pair of "cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence," while the orange M&M's character will suffer from anxiety "to better reflect young people."

Woke M&Ms progressive rebrand by the company
The woke M&Ms makeover has sparked outrage on Twitter as many consumers are deeming the move “ridiculous”. Source: Mars Incorporated

Meanwhile, M&M's names will be less gendered by forgoing prefixes such as Ms and Mr in an effort to focus on "their personalities, rather than their gender."

The company said the makeover is part of its "global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive."

Consumers slam 'woke' M&M's on social media

Not everyone is happy about the move toward progressive branding, with many calling out the M&M's for being too "woke."

"Woke M&Ms. This may just save society..." wrote one commentator on Twitter.

"People are triggered by animated candies. We have devolved as a society," wrote a second user.

"OMG people, it is freaking candy. Why must others read into everything deeper and purposely find something to offend YOU," wrote a third.

'Keep the green M&M a hot, sexy lady' says Twitter

Others called for the return of the classic "sexy" green M&M's character, with her signature white boots and dramatic eyeliner.

"Do not take away the sexy green M&M. I'm warning you," joked one user on Twitter.

While another user Tweeted: "I am a single issue voter and my issue: Keep the green M&M a hot, sexy lady."

M&M's were quick to respond to the flood of Tweets from outraged customers on Friday in a cheeky Twitter post.

"Did my shoes break the internet?" wrote M&M's, alongside the video of the "liberated" green M&M sporting her white sneakers and minimal makeup.

Others poke fun at inclusive M&M's announcement

Others took the opportunity to poke fun at the inclusive rebrand of the popular confectionary brand and their newly crafted backstories, which include green being a feminist and orange acknowledging his anxiety.

"The green M&M, newly liberated from her white boots, lets loose," one user joked about the newly feminist character.

"She talks about social reproduction theory, how patriarchy and capitalism violently reinforce each other, and what a sexy lady M&M says about gender as a construct," they added.

While others joked about a personified chocolate candy struggling with its mental health in the case of the orange M&M.

"Muttering 'the orange M&M is mentally ill and does ok somehow' as an affirmation," wrote one user on Twitter.

"The orange M&M is one of the most relatable characters with Gen-Z," joked another. "It's so true, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times."

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