Love Island viewers loved Grace's food mistake

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island viewers were left amused after the official media channels referenced a past Islander after Grace’s cooking mishap.

Thursday’s (June 20) episode saw new bombshells Matilda and Konnor go on a pair of dates as they entered the villa, with Grace the first to meet Konnor.

As she prepared her meal, the islander made a blunder as she remarked that her creation was “giving Mitchim star” instead of a Michelin star, with the official media account making light of the error in a post.

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In the mocked-up image, they referred to series 10 star ‘Messy’ Mitch Taylor, with the tagline for the meme reading: “Messy cuisine made with love.”

The reference amused some Love Island viewers, with one fan writing on X/Twitter: “I miss messy Mitch. bring my guy back.” Another fan also enjoyed the reference, writing: “Seeing Mitch makes me happy haha.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Matilda’s bubbly personality seemed to be a hit with not only Sean, who might finally find a connection in the villa, but with the viewers too, who praised the new bombshell for her energy.

“Matilda's aura really reminds me of the girls from the earlier seasons, i think i'm going to really like her #loveisland,” wrote one fan, with another adding: “wait matilda seems like she'll match sean's freak!?!?! im so here for this #loveisland”

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“Matilda is the best girls girl ive seen in this villa, and its not even been up to a day yet. She genuinely just seems like a wholesome person, I love it #Loveisland” wrote a third fan, with a fourth remarking: “I like Matilda she has good energy #LoveIsland”

The episode ended with another set of challenges as the Islanders had to snog various co-stars depending on the scenario, with Mimii not best pleased with Ayo after he decided to kiss Uma; will there be tension in the air?

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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