'Lots of blood': Coles shopper's warning about 'dangerous' kitchen item

A Coles shopper has claimed a wine glass offered in a FlyBuys promotion shattered while under barely any force and caused a cut to his hand so deep he required three stitches.

The Melbourne customer Dylan, who opted to share his first name only, said he had collected and been gifted several Spiegelau wine glasses in recent years and noticed a tendency for them to be fragile.

While he had a few that had shattered since acquiring them, as was often typical for wine glasses, he never expected one to smash while he was drying it off with a tea towel.

"You don't expect a wine glass to fall apart as easily as it did. It was under such a small amount of pressure while I was drying it and it just shattered in my hand," Dylan told Yahoo News Australia.

A Coles self service checkout is pictured.
A Coles customer said a wine glass from a FlyBuys promotion caused a serious cut on their hand. Source: Getty Images

"I ended up having quite large shards of glass going into my hand and as a result, one of them pierced the webbing between my finger and my thumb, and I had a lot of blood gushing out quite quickly."

Dylan's partner, who fortunately was home at the time, rushed him to hospital while he held pressure on the wound with a towel.

He wasn't released until five hours later after having his hand stitched and put in a cast.

"It was quite an eye-opener of just how dangerous they really are... I just don't think something like that should happen from a glass," he said.

The same glasses had previously proven to be "brittle", smashing when being little knocked on a surface or when subject to "not a lot of force or pressure", Dylan said.

"It was quite surprising. I feel like wine glasses shouldn't do that," he added.

Stitches in the webbing of Dylan's hand.
Dylan was rushed to hospital following the incident and required three stitches. Source: Supplied

A box of two Spiegelau glasses could be collected by customers who in 2019 earned "glassware credits" from spending more than $20 at Coles, First Choice or Liquorland.

A shopper last year shared a video online after two of the same glasses, received through the FlyBuys promotion, smashed while he was cleaning them.

One shattered while being washed and the other "cracked and exploded" in his hand, breaking the skin, 7News reported at the time.

Dylan encountered the news report when researching the glass after his incident, saying the man last year was lucky he too didn't end up in hospital needing stitches.

Spiegelau wine glasses included in the Coles FlyBuys promotion.
The Spiegelau wine glass shattered in Dylan's hand and caused blood to come gushing out. Source: Coles

"Coles should really make sure that they're testing their products properly, because it's quite scary. That's why I wanted to raise this," he said.

"If a young child or an elderly person has this happen to them, and they're by themselves, it's pretty significant. I don't think it's something that should be happening.

"I really wanted to raise awareness about this product and make sure no one else goes through what I went through that might have them in their home."

Spiegelau did not respond to Yahoo News Australia's request for comment.

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were concerned to hear about Dylan's experience and the supermarket's Customer Care team was in the process of learning more about what happened.

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