Locals puzzled by council's 'bizarre' $30k billboard outside home

'I had to prove my character and finances to live here but I wasn't allowed to ask about yours,' the sign says.

Residents have been left scratching their heads after spotting a “bizarre” flashing billboard outside a Melbourne home on a quiet suburban street.

Part of the bright white messaging blasted across the sign says “I had to prove my character and finances to live here but I wasn’t allowed to ask about yours”, confusing people as to who the apparent criticism was directed at.

The word finances splashed across the billboard. Source: Wyndham TV
The billboard on the quiet Melbourne street has stumped some locals. Source: Wyndham TV

“WTF someone has lost the plot,” one person commented online. “Finances must be good if you can afford a billboard that could light up the MCG,” another joked. “But a billboard…really? That’s a bit intense,” someone else added.

Council contributes $30k to art project

It’s since been revealed the flashing sign is an art project from the Common Collective that is running on Anderson Street in Werribee from Friday to Sunday. The Herald Sun reports the Wyndham City Council contributed $30,000 of ratepayers money to the ‘AT HOME Wyndham’ project, which features 12 local artists.

The words 'at home' on the billboard.
The art installation will run until 6pm on Sunday. Source: Wyndham TV

The arts collaborative “embraces different perspectives on the idea of ‘home’, architecture, the use of domestic space, and its unique position in the Australian psyche”, the council posted on its Facebook page.

Where did the billboard's text come from?

A council spokeswoman told The Herald Sun the text on the billboard “was taken from a poem written by a local Wyndham-based artist who has been exploring the experience of housing insecurity in their work”. She said the installation’s team knocked on the doors of nearby residents to give them a heads up, with the response reportedly overwhelmingly positive.

For those who are curious, the project is on display until 9.30pm on Saturday and runs from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

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