Council's 'sad' Christmas tree divides Aussie community

One community's reoccurring Christmas tree has taken the 'merry' out of Merry Christmas for some locals.

A contentious Christmas conversation is bubbling away in one Aussie community after their annual Christmas tree was erected in town — with some outraged by its "disappointing" appearance.

An image of the divisive tree that sits outside of Woolworths in Balmain, Sydney, has been shared to a local community Facebook group, with one local arguing it's a "very sad and old looking Christmas tree".

Though the disapproval was shared by other locals, countless more have come out to defend the tree, saying that the conversation is the "most entitled thing" they have ever heard.

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Both images show Christmas trees in Balmain outside of the local Woolworths. They appear to the the same.
The left photo shows this year's 'grim' Christmas tree. The photo on the right was shared to the same Facebook group in 2021 and appears to be the same tree. Source: Facebook

Defenders of a recycled Christmas tree

According to some keen-eyed locals, the "grim" tree is actually the same one used every single year.

"[It's] time to have something new, we paying enough rates," shared one frustrated community member sick of seeing the same tree come back each year.

Yet many were surprised by the outrage over the tree. "The pretentiousness is astounding," one person said scathingly. "What’s wrong with it? It looks good and surely being sustainable and not chucking a tree out every year is a far better process?" another questioned.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Inner West Council for comment.

Imaged of a park's tall pine tree dressed up as a Christmas tree.
Last year, locals were stunned by this 'sad' Christmas tree display which was savagely mocked online. Source: Twitter

Not the first council tree to cop savage criticism

The outrage led to comparisons to Port Macquarie's Christmas tree that last year was mocked by locals for failing to hit the mark thanks to its chaotic placement of lights and baubles. "At least it doesn't look like this," one person argued.

The sad tree, one of the area's iconic Norfolk pines, was the subject of ridicule which forced the town's council to backflip on the idea soon after.

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