Woolworths Christmas crackers leave Aussies in stitches: 'Used office supplies'

Prizes found in the Woolworths Christmas Bon Bons Deluxe pack include a bull dog clip and some sort of 'spring with a paper clip'

Aussies have been left in stitches after seeing what "hilarious" prizes this year's Woolworths bon bons have install for Christmas Day — with some saying it looks like the factory "forgot to buy toys" and used "office supplies" instead.

Roy Maloy was shopping at his local Woolies on Tuesday when he came across the six-pack of Deluxe Christmas Bon Bons for $15. But it wasn't just the price that Roy found bizarre.

He spun the box around to show TikTok the random assortment of items that would be won the day people cracked open their Christmas bon bons.

"Let me show you what’s in these bon bons" he said in astonishment. "A bulldog clip is one of the prizes".

Right image is of a stack of Woolworths Deluxe Christmas Bon Bons boxes. Left image is of the back of the packet showing the contents of the bon bons.
Bon bon season is officially here and some prizes found in the Woolworths packs have left Aussies in stitches. Source: Woolworths / TikTok

The prizes in question

Though a star-shaped key ring and bottle opener seemed normal enough, there were other items which social media users could not wrap their heads around, including:

  • A lone bulldog clip

  • Padlock with keys

  • Tweezers

  • Some sort of small spring

  • A paper clip

Hilarious responses to expensive 'junk'

Bon bons are known for their slightly eccentric prizes, but the array of peculiar items found in these $15 packs took things to a whole new level.

"If you work in an office and hate your job but you have to plan the Christmas party, and it has to be FUN but not too fun," one person responded. "Gotta get rid of their excess office stock somehow," replied another.

"Sounds like they raided the junk drawer for that stuff," a third commented.

Some defended the bon bon prizes

Christmas crackers are a staple holiday decoration that most often contain a paper crown, a joke, and a small gift. Some came to the defence of these traditional table decorations, with one person going so far as to say the "best tweezers" they own are from a Christmas cracker.

"You buy them for the paper hat and joke," one person said. "Cheap bon bons are always full of junk lol, you don't buy them for the merch!" another explained.

With the possibility of lots of small pieces of metal being scattered around the room when the crackers are pulled, the Woolworths bon bons come with a choking hazard warning.

Cost of living driving supermarket prices up

Many responses came from those utterly shocked at the price for a six-pack of supermarket bon bons. "That's so expensive for what they are," one person said in surprise.

Aussies have admitted to giving up some of their favourite everyday items during the cost-of-living crisis, including snacks and trips to the café. But after the recent RBA rate rise and continued cost of living demands, it could be that some may also choose to forgo the usual Christmas bon bons this year.

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