Locals outraged after 'jaw dropping' discovery chained to bench

A man first stumbled across the three dogs early on Tuesday morning.

Two dogs have been rescued after being found chained to a bench for three days without food or water.

Tate Burton said his “jaw dropped” when he first saw three dogs restrained on the Pentire Headland in Cornwall, UK, early on Tuesday morning.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Tate, a local chef, told NeedToKnow.co.uk. “I was at first wary with how they might react if I went over but they were scratching to see someone. The dogs responded with pure excitement to see someone as they were all stressed and just wanted some love.”

The dogs chained to the bench with no food or water.
The dogs were found chained to a bench with no food or water. Source: Jam Press

Tate tried unsuccessfully to free them for an hour, before leaving to seek help. He eventually put up a Facebook post seeing if anyone knew the dogs or could assist.

“It made me feel awful. I have had many pets and couldn’t imagine torturing my dogs like this no matter what style of life I live. Pets are a treat, not a right.”

Couple find dogs rummaging

A few hours later, two of the dogs were found rummaging round back gardens for food – presumably having been untied.

Another resident, Simon Dalberger, and his partner Jade spotted them by their house.

“Me and Jade were in the back garden when we found them looking for water and food. They looked lost, and at first were hard to get to,” Simon said. “But after the help of some neighbours, we got them into our place and gave them some dinner and water.”

Simon Dalberger and Jade Knowles. Where the dogs were discovered by Simon and Jade.
Simon Dalberger and his partner Jade spotted the dogs by their house. Source: Jam Press

The couple finally got hold of the RSPCA, and met them nearby to hand the dogs over.

“We both felt so, so sorry for them, after being attached to a bench for several days and somehow managed to escape or be released, they were so tired and hungry,” Simon added. “I can truly not understand how somebody could to this to a dog or any living thing.

“I am happy we found them, but unfortunately the third dog has not been found yet. The RSPCA said the dogs needed to be claimed in seven days, else they will be put up for adoption.

“They deserve a warm and caring home.”

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