$7,000 vet bill after 'vicious' dog attack caught on CCTV outside pub

A 15-week-old puppy was “almost killed” in a bloody dog attack outside a Sydney bar late last month, resulting in a $7,000 emergency vet bill and a frantic search for the owner of the allegedly violent animal.

CCTV captured the “vicious” incident, which friends of the owner of the injured dog say occurred just before 3pm on July 23 outside Darlo Bar in Darlinghurst.

Footage shows two people walking the puppy in front of several tables outside the venue before a larger white dog suddenly emerges and pins the smaller dog to the ground. Both dog owners immediately jump in to pry them apart before numerous patrons gather around the injured puppy.

CCTV footage of the dog attack and the large white dog and it's owner leaving the Sydney bar.
A 15-week-old puppy suffered a ruptured liver during a dog attack outside a Sydney bar late last month. Source: Facebook

A second clip shows the owner of the large, white dog talking to a woman sitting at a table the bar while dramatically gesturing to the corner. She then appears to leave, although it’s not confirmed if the additional footage was captured before or after the attack.

Dog 'viciously attacked puppy'

The CCTV has been posted on a Facebook page for dog owners who live in the city’s Inner West in an effort to identify the woman in the light-coloured tracksuit and her dog.

“Her dog viciously attacked my friend’s 15-week-old puppy, leaving him with a ruptured liver and a very small chance of survival,” the anonymous person wrote on Sunday.

“Luckily he pulled through (after a $7k vet bill), but the owners need help tracking this woman down and ensuring that her dog is secured as a dangerous animal. Any help would be very much appreciated.”

CCTV of patrons reacting to the dog attack and a photo of the puppy with a bandage on its arm.
The puppy has luckily survived but its owner was billed $7,000 in vet fees, a friend claims. Source: Facebook

The friend said they were “posting anonymously for safety” and urged members to comment if they have any information. They claimed a report had been filed with the Sydney of City Council, but authorities had been “having issues finding her”.

The council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia on Tuesday they were still looking into the incident.

“An incident at this location has been reported and is currently being investigated by the City of Sydney,” a spokesperson said.

Third dog involved in attack

While some Inner West dog owners accused the person of targeting the large dog because it appears to be a pitbull, others described the attack as “terrible” and “pretty confronting”.

In response, the friend revealed a dachshund sitting nearby “also attacked the puppy right afterwards and bit his ear in the commotion”.

“The owner of the dachshund immediately came forward and took full ownership for the harm their dog did,” they added. “It was only the larger dog that caused the internal, and life-threatening injuries whose owner ran away from the scene and has subsequently denied any responsibility.

“Whether a toddler or a puppy, anyone should be able to walk into a public venue without worry of an animal attacking them.”

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