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Woman’s horror ordeal on walking track

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The woman and her dog ran into Georges River to try and escape the two dogs. Picture: 9 News

A police helicopter was called in during the dramatic rescue of a woman and her small dog after they were attacked by two large dogs and chased into a river in Sydney’s south.

At about 9am on Sunday emergency services were called to a popular track along Boggy Well Creek, off Booyong Ave in Lugarno, where the woman was walking her Jack Russell Terrier.

Upon arrival, police found the woman “stuck in mud” in Georges River after two large dogs suddenly appeared and attacked her and her smaller dog.

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The woman ran into Georges River to try and escape the two dogs. Picture: 9 News

“She sought refuge in the Georges River to escape (the) two large dogs,” a police spokesperson said.

“Police were told the two large dogs had attacked the woman’s dog and then attacked her when she attempted to protect her dog.”

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The woman was bitten after she tried to protect her small dog from being attacked by the two larger dogs, her pet reportedly mauled during the incident. Picture: 9 News

Despite efforts by police to subdue the two dogs, they remained aggressive.

Officers were then forced to pepper spray the dogs, after which they left the area.

The woman was then able to “free herself” from the mud, but according to 9News was required to strip off items of clothing to wriggle free while a police officer also became stuck for several minutes.

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The dogs were seized at a nearby home later that day. Picture: 9 News

She was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics and was taken to St Georges hospital in a “serious but stable condition”, while her Jack Russell was taken to the vet for treatment.

Later that day both police officers and Georges River council rangers seized the two dogs from a nearby home.

It is believed the dogs were being looked after by a friend of the owners and escaped the property by jumping a back fence.

The woman’s pet dog was mauled and the two large dogs are currently impounded as police try to locate the owner.