Locals amused by 'embarrassing' detail on council sign at Aussie beach

Residents mercilessly mocked the glaring error on the sign at a Sydney beach.

Aussies living in a popular beachside area have had a giggle at council's expense after a visitor pointed out a glaring error on a sign erected at a beach.

At Castle Rock Beach near Clontarf, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, a sign states "Dogs prohibited on beach" with "penalties apply" written underneath the red prohibited symbol over a dog. However, "penalties" is spelt incorrectly with an extra "i" so it says "penalities".

While easy to miss, the seemingly small typo was picked up by a hawk-eyed local man who snapped a photo and shared it to social media. Needless to say, the awkward blunder was mercilessly mocked by other residents.

'Dogs prohibited' council sign at Sydney beach with word 'penalties' spelt incorrectly.
A local man noticed the word 'penalties' on the council sign was spelt incorrectly. Source: Facebook

"Anyone spot the unintentional sign mistake?" said the man, who was visiting the Middle Harbour area on Saturday. While some admitted they couldn't see it at first, others were quick to point it out.

"They had one job," one mocked."How embarrassing," another said of the typo. "Should have gone to Specsavers," said a third. Others pointed out the sign likely went through "a number of reviews and approvals" before it was erected.

But another detail was also picked apart by some with one suggesting the "layers of the image are wrong". They said because the image of the dog appears to be in front of the red strike-through, it actually says "dog no" rather than "no dog".

People enjoying a swim at Castle Rock Beach near Clontarf, Middle Harbour, Sydney
The sign is erected at Castle Rock Beach near Middle Harbour in Sydney's northern beaches. Source: Google Images

Someone else joked "some dogs might be offended by the stereotype design" since it resembles a Scottish terrier and no other breed of dog.

Council responds to sign error

A Northern Beaches Council spokesperson confirmed "council has been made aware of the spelling error" and said the "sign will be replaced". Council did not elaborate when asked by Yahoo what their usual process is, or how long the sign has been there.

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