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Lizzo celebrates her figure in new video: 'I gained weight'

Lizzo isn't succumbing to pressures to lose weight in the new year, as she announces on Instagram: "I gained weight" and celebrates herself with a video dancing.

The 33-year-old singer posted the video to her Instagram and TikTok on Sunday, after already decorating her feeds with content from her New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas and a series of selects from a photoshoot. But the latest video received a lot of love as Lizzo confidently showed off her body while sharing she had put on a few pounds.

Lizzo celebrates her figure in new dancing video. (Photo: Getty Images)
Lizzo celebrates her figure in new dancing video. (Photo: Getty Images)

The video shows Lizzo dancing to the City Girls's song "Rodeo" after the song and dance was trending on TikTok. Her version of the dance got over 8.4 million views on the short-form video app alone.

"Yeeees Queen! Thank you for blessing my screen, my eyes and every particle in this universe with your overwhelming glamor, beauty, confidence and love," one fan wrote.

Body confidence TikTok star Remi Bader also commented, "You look unreal!!!!!"

Lizzo only commented on her weight gain with her Instagram caption, where she received more praise for owning her figure.

"Ugh this just made me feel better I love you!" one person wrote. Another responded, "Baby girl! You are so comfortable in your body you look amazing."

The video comes shortly after the singer posted another one showing off her backside in a pair of short shorts on the day after Christmas with the caption, "What's under the hood?!"

Although Lizzo is clearly loving herself, she told Essence magazine that she's over the focus that's constantly placed on her body.

"It’s exhausting," she told the publication for the December 2021 issue. "We should be neutral about bodies."