'Scarred for life': Mum films 'maggots' crawling in Aldi frankfurt during kids' afternoon snack

WARNING –– DISTURBING CONTENT: A mum says she has been left traumatised by her afternoon snack.

She claims she was mid-way through eating a packet of mini frankfurts from Aldi when she looked down and saw something crawling.

“They were infested with the maggots,” the woman, who asked not to be identified, told Yahoo News Australia.

“I have no idea whether my kids or I ingested them.”

A video, which she took shortly after her stomach-churning find and shared with Yahoo News Australia, showed at least a dozen tiny wriggling maggots hatching out one of the frankfurts.

A NSW woman said she had been left 'scarred' after she says she found maggots crawling in a mini frankfurt she bought from Aldi. Source: Supplied

The mum, from NSW, said her young children had also been eating the frankfurts before she noticed the maggots.

“I probably ate four or five... [and] walked out of the room for one minute,” she said.

When the mum returned to the bowl, which she had transferred the snacks into, she said the maggots had hatched.

“I did not notice anything when I put them in the bowl. I feel like once I had put them in the bowl and they were ‘free’, so to speak, they were able to hatch,” she said.

“I feel even bloody worse [because] I was encouraging my 22-month-old to eat them.”

‘Disgusted’ mum vows never to shop Aldi again

Feeling sick by the thought she may have already inadvertently eaten some of the maggots, she went looking for a phone number of the Aldi store where she had purchased frankfurts.

She was unable to find a number online, so with the maggot-riddled frankfurts she physically went to the store to complain.

“When I asked for a manager, she took me to the next cash register area and proceeded to scoop the frankfurts with infested maggots out of the bowl [and] they were in with her bare hands,” the mortified mum said.

She was given a pen to write her phone number down and then was told “sorry” by the manager before walking off.

The mum was given a $2 refund for the frankfurts but wasn’t satisfied with how her complaint was handled.

The NSW mum has vowed never to shop at Aldi again after the 'disgusting' incident. Pictured is a file image of an Aldi storefront. Source: AAP

Plus, she added, one week on from giving her phone number to the Aldi store she still hadn’t heard back from anyone.

“I was physically ill for the rest of my day,” she added.

“I have no idea whether my kids or I ingested [the maggots] as it appears they were on one of the frankfurts only. But guess I'll never know.”

Sickened to the point of vomiting, the mum said she had gone to her doctor who had assured her the illness was mostly due to her being so repulsed by what had happened, not the frankfurts.

The young mum was also so “disgusted” by Aldi’s lack of “care or consideration” for her that she has vowed to never shop there again.

“Which is a shame because I was a big fan of Aldi, but I'm far too scarred from this [experience],” she said.

“They couldn’t care enough to give me a call to apologise? Pathetic.”

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Aldi for comment over the matter.

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