WATCH: Brave little boy giggles as he's swooped by angry magpie on Gold Coast

Caity Stone

While most adults would duck and dive in terror at the mere thought of a magpie attacking, one little boy has had a surprisingly different reaction.

Brave little James appears to not only not care, but to seemingly enjoy it.

While an aggressive maggie continually swoops down at the little boy all he does is stand his ground and giggle.

The moment the male magpie swoops down. Source: 7 News

The two-year-old was out for a bike ride on the Gold Coast with his dad when the family unwittingly stumbled on an angry magpie.

It was then the bird started to swoop down, narrowly avoiding hitting the child.

“He was cracking up laughing,” James’s father David told 7 News Online.

The little cutie just bows his head down while the bird swoops over him. Source: 7 News

“He was saying ‘hello birdie, hello birdie,’” the proud father David said.

Talking about the incident David recalled: “he wasn’t scared, not scared at all.”

“He was loving it!”

The incident happened last weekend at a popular park on the Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast.

David says that the video is “a bit of a laugh” and a nice break from normal news.

He said that since the incident first happened James has asked to go back and “visit the birdie”.

As we launch into spring defensive magpies will begin their attacks.

According to website Magpie Alert, Queensland has the highest number of recorded attacks in the nation at almost 37 per cent.

The site reports that just under 15 per cent of all reported attacks result in an injury.

Male magpies begin to swoop during mating season when they become protective over their young.