Naked woman found on roadside survived month in the wild on berries, puddle water

A US woman found naked on a roadside survived a month in the wild by eating berries and drinking from puddles and rivers.

Lisa Theris, 25, was found on a rural Alabama roadside by a driver who initially mistook her for a deer, NBC News reports.

Theris was reported missing on July 23 and had not been seen since July 18.

Police are now trying to discover how she came to be naked on a muddy rural roadside after being lost for so long.

Lisa Theris' overjoyed brother posted a picture of her after her remarkable ordeal. Photo: Facebook/Will Theris

Judy Garner told NBC she was shaking and crying when she stumbled upon Theris.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Garner said.

“So I went over to her and asked her if she would stay there while I get water out of my van. She stayed, and I called 911 and told them I had found a girl on the road.”
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Garner said Theris, a 25-year-old radiology student, was covered in rashes and bug bites and had survived by eating mushrooms and berries and drinking water from rivers and puddles.

“I don’t think she could have made it much longer,” Garner said of the woman who had begged her not to leave her alone.

Lisa Theris' month long disappearance baffled investigators and terrified her family. Photo: Supplied


After being taken to hospital for treatment for “severe injuries” Theris is now back at home in Louisville and has been reunited with her astounded family.

WSFA News 12 reported two men had been questioned over Theris' disappearance before she was found.