Life on the edge: Australia's 'Cliff House'

A Melbourne building company has come up with an impressive, and somewhat frightening way of maximising Victoria's breathtaking coastal views.

The firm has designed a five storey, three-bedroom house, that hangs off the side of a cliff.

The property offers a spectacular lookout, endless peace and quiet, and it's perfect for those who enjoy living on the edge, if only it were real.

After lots of inquiries from cashed up clients looking for their own exclusive hideaways, Melbourne firm Modscape decided to push the boundaries of modular building design.

So far, the cliff house exists only as a digital day dream, but while getting a planning permit could be challenging, the design team is adamant it is feasible.

"If somebody came along with the right amount of money and a cliff, you could definitely build that," Jan Gyrn, of Modscape, said.

The spectacular coastal view from Australia's Cliff House. Photo: Supplied
The spectacular coastal view from Australia's Cliff House. Photo: Supplied

Modular buildings are assembled in a factory, the sections lifted into position on site and bolted into place.

It is the modular design that makes the cliff house possible; conventional building techniques would not work.

The designers say there's still plenty of room in the Australian market for modular housing in less dramatic locations.

Jan says only misguided perceptions about build quality have held the industry back.

"It's very easily argued that it's actually a superior product - higher quality, faster, stronger, and more sustainable," Jan said.

Projects like the Cliff House are bound to get people thinking about modular homes, even if it's not for everyone.

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