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Local council closes down lemonade stall

Picture: Facebook

Bunbury City Council has explained why it forced an 11-year-old girl to cancel her “delicious” pop-up lemonade stall, saying she did not have council approval and was selling “high-risk” products which contained cream.

The young girl’s mother took to Facebook on Friday to complain that her daughter’s lemonade stand was reported to the council.

The girl was set to sell lemon meringue pie, lemon butter cupcakes and “fresh organic” lemonade from a make-shift stall on Brittain Road on Friday morning.

But the council today explained their reasons for forcing the stall to close.

“Unfortunately the stall was selling food without a permit and the young girl in charge was preparing food without approval,” environmental health manager Sarah Upton said.

“The girl had manufactured high-risk products containing cream, had no temperature control and had set up a marquee with a couch, chairs and tables in a location where it was unsafe for passing vehicles to pull over safely.

“Whilst we applaud the young girl’s entrepreneurial efforts it is always important to seek council approval first.”

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