Trump in no hurry to discuss gun laws after Las Vegas massacre

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In the wake of the worst mass shooting in US history, President Trump condemned the "demented" gunman but said any changes to reform America's gun law would be dealt with later down the track.

Retired accountant Stephen Paddock hauled an arsenal of weapons up to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel before smashing through the window and gunning down 59 people attending a country music festival below him.

It quickly became the worst mass shooting in US history.

A further 19 guns were found inside Paddock's Nevada home.

Donald Trump holds a Henry repeating rifle during his election campaign. Source: AP
Stephen Paddock gunned down 59 people from inside a Vegas hotel room. Source: Supplied

When asked whether it was enough to warrant a legislation reform, Trump replied "we’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes on.”

Trump’s views on gun control had been malleable before snapping into the orthodoxy of the Republican consensus when he began to seek their nomination for the presidency.
Pictured: Chilling glimpse of mass killer's Las Vegas hotel room arsenal

In one of his first acts as president, Trump signed a bill revoking an Obama-era rule that had made it more difficult for mentally ill Americans to buy guns.

Weeks before the Las Vegas shooting, the administration eased laws that made it easier for American gun manufacturers to sell small arms abroad.

Images taken inside Paddock’s hotel room show a rifle, rounds of ammunition, bipod and a hammer used to smash through the window. Source: Boston 25 Twitter
A second high powered weapon found inside the 32nd floor hotel room. Source: Boston 25 Twitter

Trump has had a concealed carry permit since 2010. As a candidate in 2015, he said that he carries “on occasion — sometimes a lot,” adding that he likes to be unpredictable.

The president added that he might "feel more comfortable” if his employees brought firearms to work.

The National Rifle Association was quiet about the Las Vegas shooting, but it postponed an ad buy in Virginia, which has contests for governor and attorney general in next month’s election.