Koala rescue: CPR saves "Sir Chompsalot"

A Victorian fire crew has rescued an injured koala before administering oxygen and chest compressions.

An unconscious koala has had a lucky escape after firefighters caught it in a blanket when it fell out of a tree before wildlife rescuers gave lifesaving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The koala, dubbed "Sir Chompsalot" by firefighters from Langwarrin, in Melbourne's outer southeast and Wildlife Victoria, after its rescue on Thursday night is now resting up in an animal hospital.

Members of the public were the first to spot Sir Chompsalot stuck up a tree and called in wildlife rescuers. It's understood the koala had been hit by a car before climbing up the tree to shelter.

Rescue officers then called the state's Country Fire Authority (CFA) so a truck with an extended ladder could reach the koala, but it lost consciousness and fell from the tree.

Well placed firefighters managed to catch the bear in a blanket and it was then given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, oxygen and chest compression by wildlife officers.

Langwarrin CFA Captain Sean Curtin told Fairfax Media's 3AW it was initially thought the koala was dead in the tree.

"We believe it died in the tree, just when we were trying to rescue it. Then it fell out of the tree and the members caught it in a blanket," Mr Curtin told Fairfax Media.

"Wildlife Victoria performed mouth-to-mouth and compressions and gave it some oxygen therapy as well."

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