WATCH: Koala goes shopping for a new TV

There was a surprising customer at a Victorian electronics store on Monday.

Video shows a startled koala wandering around the Betta Electrical shop on Percy Street in Portland while customers look on.

The marsupial takes a look around the TV section and washing machines before taking a rest for some time.

The koala took a look around the store. Source: Facebook

"The koala went out of my shop, now it's in Russell's shop," a nearby business owner can be heard saying.

"Well take it back to your shop," a man says.

"No, obviously your discounts are cheaper here," the first man says.

A few people suggested the koala may have been hot.

"They usually venture into shops cos their hot and are looking for somewhere cool to hang out," one person wrote on Facebook.

People said the koala might have been attracted by the air conditioning. Source: Facebook
The koala wandered around the store. Source: Facebook

Others suggested getting the koala some water to drink.

The koala has since been safely relocated to the bush.