Kmart slammed after 'chew resistant' $42 pet beds torn to shreds

A damaged item has sparked a debate over the budget retailer's returns policy.

Kmart is copping criticism over a range of "chew resistant" pet beds that don't seem to resist much chewing at all. Although they appear to hold up well for many pet owners, when it comes to some especially feisty and enthusiastic dogs, it seems the beds simply aren't tough enough.

Take this peeved pup owner for example: "Don't buy this bed from Kmart for your pet," she wrote in a popular Facebook group for Aussie bargain hunters, alongside a photo of her dog sleeping on a bed that had been chewed to pieces. "It is definitely NOT chew resistant!"

Kmart pet bed; dog sleeping on destroyed Kmart pet bed
An Aussie shopper has warned others not to buy Kmart's "chew resistant" pet beds after her dog made short work of one. Source: Kmart, Facebook/A. Ketenci

Kmart customer not alone

The post struck a chord with thousands of group members, including others who shared pics of their dogs with a destroyed "chew resistant" Kmart pet bed. "Unfortunately our American Staffy got through this bed quicker than any of the other beds we have given her so far, by a couple of days," one wrote on the Kmart website. "Gave it to her before I left work and less than eight hours later it was scattered everywhere."

"This reminds me of the dog collars we got from our vet," another shopper shared. "They were 'chew proof' and if the dog chewed them then they were replaced free of charge... Well I went back to replace them every second day for about two weeks for both our dogs until I just gave up."

Dogs with destroyed Kmart pet beds
Fellow Kmart shoppers confirmed that their dogs had managed to chew through the retailer's "chew resistant" pet beds. Source: Facebook/B. Jelic, E. Redmond

Is the pet bed refundable?

Meanwhile, there was some confusion as to whether or not the Kmart customer would be entitled to a refund for the damaged pet bed. "I'd bag it up and take it back and ask for a refund," suggested one shopper. "I wouldn't expect them to actually give it to me, but it'd be worth the look on the manager's face."

"If you have a receipt, they have no choice but to refund you," another shopper explained. "It is advertised as chew resistant. That is what you paid for."

Others in the group weren't so sure though. "Chew resistant, not chew proof," offered one. "I mean that's like buying a water resistant camera, throwing it in your pool and then asking them to refund because it wasn't water proof."

Kmart responds

Kmart's returns policy states that they will accept return items and offer customers a refund, exchange, voucher or repair in cases where customers can show adequate proof of purchase and:

  • The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality; or

  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or

  • The product does not match the sample or Kmart's description

When asked if customers would receive refunds for chewed-up pet beds, a Kmart spokesperson suggested that there's only so much chewing any product could withstand, and such cases are dealt with individually.

"While this product is considered more chew resistant than other products in our range due to a tougher fabric, we understand that no dog product can ever be fully chew proof," the spokesperson told Yahoo News. "For all pet products we can encourage owners to make choices based on what is suitable for their pet.

"Any customer who experiences an issue with their product should get in touch with us directly via our customer care team on 1800 124 125 so that we can review the information and determine the best outcome," the spokesperson added.

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