Crocodile snatches dog in terrifying video footage

Footage of the predator attacking a pet pup has sparked outrage.

Warning: Graphic content

Footage has emerged of the terrifying moment a massive saltwater crocodile snatched a pet dog from a popular beach in Far North Queensland.

The video, shot on a smartphone, shows the estimated five-metre-long croc approaching two dogs on the shoreline at Napranum Beach in Cape York.

As the predator launches itself out of the water, the larger of the dogs runs away but the smaller dog isn't so fortunate and is swung around in the crocodile's jaws before being dragged underwater.

Crocodile attacking dogs
The crocodile was recorded sneaking up on the unsuspecting dogs. Source: Facebook

Video sparks outrage

The confronting footage was shared on Facebook, where some viewers urged people to stay "safe around the water's edge" while others criticised whoever recorded the video for not rescuing the dog.

"How could you just sit there and record that and not do anything to get the dogs away?" asked one viewer. Another vented: "This is animal cruelty to sit and watch this. To allow it to happen is absolutely unfathomable. You wouldn't sit and watch a dog die by fire, so why is this acceptable? I'm so angry."

Queensland's Department of Environment and Science is currently investigating the attack and has urged people to be "croc-wise in croc country” by obeying signs, avoiding swimming in waterways where crocodiles are known to live, and staying a few metres back from the water's edge when fishing.

Croc attack fears for fisherman

The incident comes to light as authorities continue to search for a man they fear may have been taken by a crocodile on Saturday afternoon.

The fisherman was camping at Rinyirru National Park in remote Far North Queensland and was reported missing by fellow campers around 3.30pm.

According to the Department of Environment and Science (DES), a friend of the 65-year-old said he had been fishing on the banks of the Kennedy River "when there were splashing noises and he disappeared".

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