KMART CHAOS: Video shows shocking mess left by shoppers

After almost four months of closed doors, Sydney shoppers were elated to shop in-store again last week.

Although excited to take a step towards restoring normality, people's manners seem to have disappeared in lockdown, with a TikTok of a Kmart store in disarray shocking users.

In the video, captured by user tam.wz and shared on Sunday, clothes are piled up on shelves and flung on the floor at an unnamed Sydney Kmart, with some clothes hanging off coathangers and shoved under shelves.

Screenshots of the Kmart store with clothes piled up on the floor and shelf.
Users were shocked at the state of the Kmart store. Source: TikTok

"This is not how we do shopping," the video was captioned, along with several facepalm emojis.

Users disgusted by the mess

The video has been liked over 33,000 times with more than 474,000 views.

TikTokers were appalled at the mess left by shoppers, with hundreds of comments flooding the post.

"The disrespect for other people's property and the poor workers who have to clean this up," one user wrote.

"Freedom day doesn't mean you can be wild animals," agreed another.

Kmart was been the scene of shopping chaos when stores reopened once 70 per cent of the eligible NSW population was fully vaccinated and lockdown was lifted.

In western Sydney, eager shoppers filled the car park at midnight to get into a Kmart store in Blacktown.

Photos and videos posted to social media showed lines of people queuing outside the store in the dark car park.

"Our lockdown ends in six minutes, I just got to Kmart and you should see how many people are here, it's crazy," remarked one TikTok user who turned out with the crowd for the stores reopening at 12.01 last Monday morning.

There were also lines outside pubs, which also opened at midnight.

NSW hit 80 per cent vaccination milestone

NSW reached its target of 80 per cent of the eligible population vaccinated on Saturday, triggering a further easing of restrictions.

"80% in NSW! Been a long wait but we've done it," tweeted Premier Dominic Perrottet on Saturday afternoon.

"Feels great to break this news. Huge thanks to all the nurses and vaccination hub staff at (NSW Health), the GPs, the pharmacists, and each and every person who rolled up their sleeve to get us here.

"Summer in NSW is looking good."

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