Kids 'visibly upset' after PETA 'cook dog on barbecue' in central Sydney protest

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

WARNING: CONFRONTING CONTENT: Animal activist group PETA has caused fury in Sydney this morning by barbecuing a fake dog in Pitt Street Mall in a bid to stop people from eating meat this Australia Day.

Demonstrators from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals set up a model barbecue in the mall which appeared to be cooking a heavily charred “dog” with a slogan urging pedestrians to “go vegan”.

PETA Australia protested in Pitt Street Mall. Source: PETA Australia

“If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb? Go vegan,” one slogan said.

The stunt was poorly received by some passersby who said it was incredibly distressing for young children on school holidays.

PETA Spokesperson Emily Rice told Yahoo7 News that the prop was designed to be confronting in order to send a strong message.

“When it comes to the capacity to suffer and feel pain and fear, a dog is no different from a lamb, a pig, a chicken, or a cow,” Ms Rice said.

PETA cooked a fake dog on a barbecue to urge people not to eat eat. Source: PETA Australia

“PETA is urging anyone who’s repulsed by the prospect of chowing down on dog meat to extend that compassion to all other animals and go vegan.”

She insisted that the demonstration would not be gory but said she expected the sight to provoke angry responses from those walking through the city’s busiest mall.

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