WATCH: Maggots found crawling all over KFC chicken in western Sydney

Shocking footage shows the moment a western Sydney mum discovering that her fried chicken is crawling with maggots.

The mum of two, who did not wish to be identified, said she ordered KFC online in bulk for her son’s 18th birthday party from a store about 10 minutes away from her home.

“I ordered 100 Wicked Wings and 10 pieces of Original Recipe,” she told 7 News Online.

"It was to save money, as we were catering."

She picked up the chicken from KFC, Plumpton on Friday about 5pm.

The mum claims the maggots were in a box of Original Recipe. Source: Facebook

The mum said her son and his friends enjoyed the party, but as she began clean up on Saturday Mrs Sevilla took a break to have a snack and came across a nasty surprise in her leftovers.

She opened the box of the leftover Original Recipe, which she said had "barely been touched", and with fork in hand began to tear the chicken apart.

“I thought – ‘what’s this? Something’s moving in there’,” she said.

“I completely lost my appetite from there. I couldn’t eat anything”

She found maggots crawling through the chicken.

In the video, the mum say's she'll throw away a box of Wicked Wings. Source: Facebook

Repulsed, she didn't take a bite but quickly got her husband to film the critters in her lunch.

“So many,” she can be heard saying the footage.

She then walks over to a box of leftover wicked wings on the kitchen counter.

“Now I’m going to throw this away,” she says.

“That’s very bad.”

While it’s not known if any maggots were in the larger box, the western Sydney mum said it’s put her off KFC for good.

“I was really surprised but I want people to be aware that these yucky, disgusting things were found in KFC,” she said.

A KFC spokesperson said in a statement they were "dismayed to see the footage but it’s unlikely this situation happened in-store".

"KFC works closely with leading Australian forensic entomologists to understand flies to ensure our in-store cooking and food handling practices are robust so we can keep our food safe," the statement reads.

"Their latest studies show that flies only deposit eggs in food with temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. We hold our raw chicken below these temperatures and our cooked chicken well above so again, it’s unlikely this situation happened in-store.

"We would welcome the opportunity to speak directly to the customer. They can contact us via our website"