KFC fans go wild over 'glorious' all you can eat buffets

A recent social media post has reignited discussion around the concept at select KFC stores.

A "loved" feature at Aussie KFC stores that not everyone is aware of is being fondly remembered — with calls to bring it back.

The blast from the past was instigated by a particularly nostalgic Aussie, who urged the fast-food chain to "bring back [the] all-you-can-eat buffets" which reportedly closed in the early 2000s.

"Southlake WA closed off the buffet in early 2000s," he said on the Old Shops Australia Facebook group on Tuesday, sharing a photo as well.

A photo of an all-you-can-eat buffet at KFC.
Fans of KFC all-you-can-eat buffets are calling for the fast-food chain to bring them back. Source: Facebook

The post resonated with many, who recalled how "glorious" the idea was and shared their own memories at stores in WA, NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

"Ahhh KFC all you can eat at Bondi Junction. $8.95... where I chose to eat ONLY the skin off 6 pieces (because I could), downed it down with unlimited gravy and then proudly threw up! One of the most proudest moments of my 20s!" one person said.

"There was one in Thomastown Vic, back in the late 80s early 90s... I remember going there after Sunday church with the family and pigging out," another said.

"I think 94/95 was when I visited Bondi Junction and the Newcastle one. I actually have never eaten KFC pieces of chicken ever since! Definitely overloaded," a third person said.

"Brisbane had one, I went there for my 17th Birthday," another said.

While others "never knew they existed," and wished they did before they shut. "No way, never heard of an all you can eat at KFC, I would have been there everyday," one person said.

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