Kettlebells, weights and power tubes: Best at-home workout gear

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Woman doing exercise at home.
The best exercise gear to buy for a home workout. Photo: Getty Images

Gyms are closed across Sydney, as well as other parts of the country. But keeping moving is essential during lockdown, both for our physical and mental health.

While getting out for regular walks and runs is great, many of us are looking to add a little extra to our exercise routine.

"You can get a quality full body exercise session without any equipment at all," says director and franchise owner at Vision Personal Training, Hunter Street, Sydney, Mandra Taulu. "A body weight workout routine can help you work both your strength and cardiovascular health. However, a small bit of equipment can make a big difference, and really complement body weight exercises."

Taulu suggests investing in a few simple pieces of home gym equipment:

1. Power tubes. "These come with handles and a door anchor. Hook them on a door to do rowing exercises or replicate a chest press."

2. Resistance bands. "These are great for doing shoulder presses, bent over rows, and deadlifts at home. Just stand on the band as an anchor point. They're also great for mobility and stretching exercises."

3. Kettlebells. "These are the perfect piece of equipment to add more intensity to your workouts. If you're a beginner, start light and work up to heavier weights. They allow you to add more explosive movements to your workout."

4. A chair. "This can be a game changer to increase your exercise intensity. Add step-ups to your routine, do incline push-ups and tricep dips."

We've found the best places online that are delivering exercise equipment, so you can get fitness gear delivered straight to your door.



Last Sydney lockdown, it was practically impossible to buy weights or kettlebells of any kind online. This time round, retailers are ready and fully stocked. Decathlon currently has a full range of weights available.

The Domyos 10kg Dumbbell is $45, and they also stock Domyos Kettlebells, from 4kg to 20kg, starting at $29. They also have a full range of weight plates in stock, from 0.5kg to 20kg.

Decathlon are offering free shipping over $120, but not on bulky items over 7kg in weight.

Domyos Kettlebells, from 4kg to 20kg
Domyos Kettlebells, from 4kg to 20kg, starting at $29 at Decathlon. Credit: Decathlon
Domyos 10kg Dumbbell
Decathlon have a full range of weight plates in stock,


Sitting at your desk at home for hours on end can mean achy backs, necks and legs.

Use some of Lululemon's yoga equipment to stretch and soothe sore muscles. As well as their soft yoga mats (which are soft enough to use in outdoor courtyards or hard floors) they sell a great small foam roller.

The double roller, $49, fits one inside the other, so it's easy to store, as well as helping you release tension from your back, arms and legs.

Their Release and Recover ball set, $39, has three lightweight massage balls designed to target post-workout tension in small, medium, and large muscle groups.

The No Limits Stretching Strap, $19, is designed to help you stretch, giving extra support as you move in to deep stretches. Lululemon is offering free shipping at the moment.

The double roller Lululemon
The double roller, $49, is great for storing in small spaces. Credit: Lululemon
Release and Recover ball set
Lululemon's Release and Recover ball set, $39, will help release different muscle groups. Credit: Lululemon
No Limits Stretching Strap
No Limits Stretching Strap, $19, from Lululemon will help you get a better stretch. Credit: Lululemon


There's nothing simpler than donning some boxing gloves and sparring with a partner at home to keep you fit.

Everlast has a huge range of boxing gloves and are currently offering free shipping on orders over $100.

If you're a beginner, then the Pro Style Training Glove, $49, is a great option with a secure wrist wrap hook and loop strap, and mesh ventilation. Or, opt for the Tempo Glove and Mitt Combo, $69.99 so you can train with a partner.

Everlast's Pro Style Training Glove
Everlast's Pro Style Training Glove, $49, will keep frustrations at bay during lockdown. Credit: Everlast
Tempo Glove and Mitt Combo,
Sparr with a partner with the Tempo Glove and Mitt Combo, $69.99. Credit: Everlast

Under Armour

If you're a runner and need equipment to make your life easier, then Under Armour is offering free shipping on all orders over $79.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind Prizm Running Shoes, $220, are lightweight and rubberless, designed to help you run faster, while still gripping the floor.

Their UA Infinity High Sports Bra, $80, is designed especially for runners, with an aerodynamic fit and strategic support for high-support activities like running and aerobics.

UA Flow Velociti Wind Prizm Running Shoes
Get good running grip with these UA Flow Velociti Wind Prizm Running Shoes, $220 from Under Armour. Credit: Under Armour
UA Infinity High Sports Bra,
Get supported with Under Armour's UA Infinity High Sports Bra, $80. Credit: Under Armour


Challenge yourself and make workouts a bit different with some equipment from Amazon.

Use resistance bands to make movements harder. We love these GANA Resistance Loop Bands, $13.99, which come in different levels of resistance so you can work up to harder movements.

The Adidas Power Tubes, $28, are a great piece of kit too, and allow you to loop them on to doors to help with exercises.

It's not a small investment but if you're serious about home training, a TRX can be a great piece of equipment. All you need is a tree, or something solid to attach it to, and you'll create your own mini home gym.

The TRX GO Suspension Trainer System, $179.95, is a great entry level system. A medicine ball, or slam ball, can give any workout a boost. Use them to increase the challenge when you're doing twists or sit-ups, squats, push-ups or lunges. The Exercise Slam Medicine Ball is $19.99.

GANA Resistance Loop Bands,
GANA Resistance Loop Bands, $13.95, will increase the intensity of a workout. Credit: Amazon
Adidas Power Tubes,
Adidas Power Tubes, $28 are a great piece of home equipment. Credit: Amazon
RX GO Suspension Trainer System
The RX GO Suspension Trainer System, $179.95 is like a mini home gym. Credit: Amazon
Exercise Slam Medicine Ball
Use the Exercise Slam Medicine Ball, $19.99, to make workouts harder. Credit: Amazon

New Balance

The New Balance 860s Fresh Foam shoes are perfect for at-home HIIT workouts on a variety of surfaces, or running on a treadmill.

They are built for the those seeking stability and seamlessly blends engineered softness and classic NB support. The FRESH FOAM technology provides sustained cushioning with a lightweight feel.

New Balance have just dropped a range of new colourways for July, which are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

Photo: New Balance
Photo: New Balance

New Balance also currently have up to 40% off in their Women's Clearance, which includes previous colourways in shoes as well as apparel.

This Relentless Cinched Hem Hoodie is marked down to $50 (from $80) and is perfect to keep you warm before the workout sweat actually kicks in.

Photo: New Balance
Photo: New Balance

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