Boy selling lemonade to save up for grandpa's present has table stolen

A little boy who was selling lemonade at a stand in the Northern Territory has been left heartbroken after his table was stolen.

Andrew Jazyschyn, 10, had been selling cups of the drink near his family home in Katherine, but when the family returned home on the weekend they found the table had been stolen.

The 10-year-old was selling lemonade to save money to buy a present for his grandfather.

Andrew's dad, Philip, told Yahoo7 his son is "quite the little entrepreneur".

Andrew Jazyschyn, 10, serves a thirsty customer outside his family's home in the Northern Territory. Source: Philip Jazyschyn

"He bought presents for everyone at Christmas but realised he forgot to get one for his grandfather," Mr Jazyschyn said.

"He wanted to buy a box of chocolates for him but didn't want to take money from his bank account because he would have lost interest.

"So he set up a lemonade stand near our house and grandpa got the chocolates."

Andrew's drink stall soon became the talk of the town.

One man posted on Facebook, the the boy was was selling it for $1 a cup.

"Bargain," he wrote.

"Make sure you pull up and grab one from him."

Another added he bought two cups and gave Andrew $10.

Mr Jazyschyn said his son made $300 in the first week of selling the lemonade.

The sign sits on the roadside after someone stole the table. Source: Philip Jazyschyn

"I'm in the wrong business," he said.

But Mr Jazyschyn said when the weekend rolled around Andrew's table was gone.

"He was a bit upset," he said.

"He's been a bit sick lately with the flu. The table was stolen but they didn't get any money. We still had the sign too."

Frustrated, Andrew's dad went on what he called a "Facebook rant".

"Thank you to the parasite who stole my 10-year-old son's fold-up table he uses for his lemonade stand from the front of our block," Mr Jazyschyn wrote.

"At least you left his sign. Hope you feel like crap every time you use it knowing you thieved it from a kid."

Luckily, the rant had the desired effect and the Katherine community rallied behind Andrew to get him back in business.

Mr Jazyschyn said that his next door neighbour Jeff, a local cabinet maker, came over 45 minutes after he posted on Facebook, with a new table for the little boy.

"I was really surprised by this response," Mr Jazyschyn said.

"Katherine really rallied behind the little fella."

Andrew's expected to be out serving lemonade again on Thursday.