'Karen from Bunnings' casts spell on Daniel Andrews in bizarre video

A woman who went viral after she refused to wear a mask inside a Bunnings store has recorded a strange video in her backyard where she ‘casts a spell’ on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

In the video, Ms Rose attempts to “cast out the government of corruption” using her fire pit “viking cauldron” to perform the ceremony in her garden.

Dressed in black, Ms Rose chants that the “awakened people say no to mandatory vaccinations” while she melts a hypodermic needle. She then takes aim at Mr Andrews.

Karen from Bunnings Lizzy  Rose
Lizzy Rose is better known as 'Karen from Bunnings' after she refused to wear a mask in store. Source: Facebook/Lizzy Rose
Lizzy Rose pictured in Bunnings Warehouse in Maribyrnong.
Lizzy Rose attracted backlash after launching into a similar tirade at Bunnings Warehouse in Maribyrnong. Source: Facebook

“We cast out Daniel Andrews and the Victorian government,” she says.

“We cast you out, we cast out your evil agenda of cruelty, deception and control. No, we will not be vaccinated against our will. You are to leave government. You are to walk away from your power and your position, for we cast you out,” the 50-year-old chants, raising her hands to the sky.

“Guardians of day and guardians of night, great mother Earth, in this cauldron of bounty, punish them, make them accountable by law, by honour, make them hear and make them see, and free our people both by land and by sea,” she chants.

“It is done, it is done, it is done,” Ms Rose says with a shriek before clapping her hands and nodding to the camera.

Ms Rose claims this ritual is one of many she will perform in the lead up to “a very serious and powerful 'Ritual of Justice' which is to be cast on the Victorian government this month”.

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