'Certainly a statement': Woman's X-rated Christmas lights display causes neighbourhood stir

A woman’s sexually explicit Christmas roof display has caused quite a stir and is making headlines around the world.

"Sorry neighbours... I felt the need to make a giant dick on the roof," Shelby Gash, from Kansas, wrote on Facebook earlier this month.

"'Tis the season!"

Ms Gash shared the photos of the giant, bright penis on the roof of her family’s home, along with a text message exchange between her and her father.

Shelby Gash displayed a giant penis made out of Christmas lights on her roof, which made some laugh, but others were less impressed. Source: Facebook/Shelby Lynn Gash.

“Can I use the remainder of the Christmas lights to make an outline of a giant glowing dick on our roof till HOA (Home Owners Association) complains?” Ms Gash asked her father.

“Okay cool, I thought it was funny too,” she said before her father could reply with: “Heck ya sparkly.”

"Well it's certainly a statement," neighbour Marcelo Vergara told WDAF-TV.

"Probably not appropriate for the neighbourhood."

Mr Marcelo's wife, Christi Vergara, agreed the display was not appropriate for young children.

Since local station WDAF-TV picked up the story, Ms Gash updated her initial Facebook post, explaining some of the coverage has made it seem like some of her neighbours were furious with the display.

“I never got a personal complaint, I have had tons of neighbours reach out to me saying they LOVE IT,” she wrote.

“The neighbours that were interviewed on the news came over to my house and chuckled with me and they got me a very kind card.”

Ms Gash (left) asked her father if she could use the extra Christmas lights to make the giant penis via text (pictured is a screenshot of the exchange). Source: Fox 4/Facebook.

Ms Gash said she was also dealing with people were saying she “did this for attention”, to which she clarified the giant penis was merely a joke between her and her family.

“I didn’t think I would make Germany headlines,” she said.

Ms Gash said she lived in a “pretty wooded area” and she didn’t even think of children as she rarely saw kids around, But she did describe her neighbourhood as “kind of uptight”.

Despite the news making it seem her neighbours were displeased with the penis, Ms Gash gave a shout out to all the companies which reached out to her and had a good sense of humour about the display.

“At the end of the day I have brought laughter and that’s what I want to hear,” she said.

Many people voiced their support for Ms Gash who claims people are also stopping at her home in the middle of the night to take photos of the display and laughing.

“Don’t entertain the negative comment, let it stand! I mean, you know,” one person said in support of the penis.

“I love it. I am more offended by the kids in cages and the sick and hungry than I am this,” another person said.

Despite the laughter and support online, Ms Gash has since taken down the display, WDAF-TV reported the penis was only lit for four days.

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