Julia Fox Showed Off Her New "Black Metal" Makeup Look, And It's Truly To Die For

Julia Fox always takes advantage of every fashion photo opportunity.

julia in a sporty black top and embellished jeans with patches, wearing a cap and sunglasses, posing confidently
Rachpoot / GC Images

Julia is constantly walking down the streets of New York City in incredibly avant-garde fashion, and she never misses.

julia in an ankle-length couture dress and patterned boots poses on a city street at night
Rachpoot / GC Images

Earlier this month, she emerged at the Mugler Fall 2024 show during Paris Fashion Week in a sheer catsuit covered in tiny sequins that gave the illusion of reptilian skin.

her in a sheer, embellished bodysuit with feather-like adornments, walking at a fashion event
Rachpoot / GC Images

Her fashion always demands a closer look to admire the details, especially in her makeup, which always serves as a statement of its own.

Elsa from Frozen in a sequined, feather-trimmed gown on the red carpet
Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images

Around the same time, she soft-launched this all-white look I might steal for my party-of-one Cowboy Carter listening party.

Julia in avant-garde outfit with wide-brimmed hat and knee-high boots, holding a black purse
Rachpoot / GC Images

At the Elton John AIDs Foundation's 32nd annual Oscars viewing party, Julia donned a risque, revealing Dsquared2 fringe skirt with metal pasties and her signature eyeliner look.

closeup of her in a black feathered mini dress with sheer
Variety / Variety via Getty Images

And now, her latest look is an evolution of the many styles of Julia coming together in a refined black metal-inspired ensemble.

julia walking her dog outside

While walking her dog, Julia wore a thin-waisted blazer accented with chains, oversized shoulder pads, knee-high tights, and thick platform shoes.

Michael Simon, Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death

However, Julia's "Corpse Paint" face is the main event.

closeup of her face, painted white with dramatic eyeliner and dark lipstick
Michael Simon, Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death

Julia's makeup is from e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death limited-edition collection from their latest Corpse Paint Vault drop.

Julia Fox Walks Her Dog in e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death Collection
Michael Simon, Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death

It's so spooky and punk rock at the same time.

And the doggie looked terrific as well.

Saint Bernard dog with a spiked collar on a leash

I can't wait to see what Julia does for the rest of the year.