Joey Gallo's quarantine batting practice probably bothers his neighbors

With everyone stuck indoors right now, MLB players have to do whatever they can to stay even moderately in shape. There’s no way to replicate the true practice experience, especially when you’re alone and indoors, but Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo is doing what he can.

Gallo posted a TikTok video to his Twitter account on Saturday, showing everyone how he’s been trying to stay sharp during social distancing. It’s loud and vaguely terrifying!

“I’m sorry neighbors” is right, because there’s no way they don’t hear him whacking a baseball into a net at high speeds. Thankfully, Gallo doesn’t seem to be the worst neighbor, since he’s taking his indoor batting practice during the day. (Let’s hope that’s the only time he takes it.)

That brings up another issue: How in the world is Gallo comfortable doing this in his apartment, which seems to be at least 50 percent windows?! One errant swing and the ball goes clear through one of those giant panes of glass! Though with most cities shut down, at least the ball would have a relatively small chance of hitting a random passer-by.

Gallo must really trust that net he’s hitting into — and he must trust his own hands, too. Unlike a ballpark or in-stadium BP setup, there are no nets in his apartment to stop a careening bat from carving a path of destruction through his kitchen or living room.

That’s just how much Gallo cares about staying sharp for the MLB season — whenever it eventually starts. He’s willing to risk the ire of his neighbors, holes in his windows and the destruction of his home so his eyes and hands can stay in shape. That’s dedication.

Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo is staying busy by taking batting practice in his home. (Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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