'It’s so hard': Elderly resident turfed from lifelong home by government sale

An 83-year-old Sydney woman has abandoned her lengthy fight to stop the government selling her lifelong home.

Flo Seckold is now being forced to move out of the public housing property at Millers Point, giving in on Tuesday and closing her door for the last time, never to return.

The eviction was emotional as she walked away from the place she’s always called home.

Flo Seckold emotionally said goodbye to her lifelong home on Tuesday. Photo: 7 News

“I’m a city girl, a Millers Point girl,” Flo said.

“I’ve never left... never left except to go on holidays and it’s just been my life.”

Flo was born at Millers Point. Her father worked the wharves and she met her late husband at the Bushell’s factory more than 60 years ago.

“We used to scale them trams, we used to walk over the bridge go to the pool, keep sixpence for Luna Park,” she said.

Neighbours fear the stressful move will take its toll on Flo.

“It does lead to depression and to separation from everything that she’s known,” John McInerny from the Millers Point Resident Action Group said.

Some 45 years ago Flo and her husband were key players in the fight to save The Rocks from demolition.

Flo will no relocate to nearby Pyrmont. Photo: 7 News

She’s also been outspoken against the government’s sell off of the public housing properties.

But, at the age of 83, she has decided that enough is enough.

“I’m the oldest living one in this area, it’s so hard,” Flo said.

She is only moving down the road to Pyrmont but she leaves a lifetime of memories behind.