Is The King back? Conspiracy theorists claim Elvis is alive, visiting Graceland

Has Elvis really left the building? Some think he's still getting around in his blue suede shoes.

The King of Rock 'n' Roll would have turned 82 last week, and while nearly everyone agrees that Jan. 8, 1935 is Elvis Presley's birthday, there are still people with doubts about the date of his death.

Conspiracy theorists have insisted for years that the king is NOT dead, and is still alive having faked his own death to escape the mounting pressures associated with fame.

Is this man The King? Some people think so. Source: Facebook

A photograph has now surfaced that has sent theorists into a flutter once more, reigniting their belief once more that the king is alive and at the “Gates of Graceland”.

The image shows a tall man, with thick white beard standing in the crowd on the grass outside Graceland during a cake cutting ceremony that took place on what would have been Elvis’s birthday.

The man is dressed in a dark jacket, a black baseball cap, wearing sunglasses standing with his arms defensibly folded.

The man the theorists have labelled as Elvis, is calmly watching on in the photo as birthday celebrations take place at the home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Since the image was first posted to the Elvis Presley is Alive fan page on Facebook, some enthusiasts are convinced that mystery man is the king himself.

The picture of a large bearded man taken at Graceland last week. Source: Facebook

One user commented, “Truth will always prevail. God bless.”

“It could be Elvis,” another user commented.

“I have never believed Elvis was dead I've always thought he was hiding away within Graceland all these years ......far too many photos and true stories about him being alive and well.....” yet another commented.

The larger-than-life star's early passing — which allegedly occurred Aug. 16, 1977 after a heart attack — has long inspired conspiracy theories among sleuths who argue Presley is either still alive or didn't die when police say he did.

Only last month, a fan theory began circulating online that Elvis appeared in the background of the holiday movie "Home Alone," which came out in 1990.

It cited everything from neck movements to facial hair patterns as evidence.

Many Elvis fans believed the fallen icon is not dead. Source: 7 News

People have been spotting men they think are Elvis for years, especially in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where a mother and daughter said they saw the musician at a Burger King in 1988, Michigan Live reported.

Conspiracy theorists also site that his tombstone has his name listed as "Elvis Aaron Presley," with two As.

That was indeed his name, but earlier in his life the star had used the spelling "Aron," with one A. Some believe the misspelled memorial indicates it is not truly Elvis who is buried there, according to CSICOP.

Theories of the King of Rock and Roll faking his own death and going into hiding have been around for decades. Source: 7 News

Just after Elvis' death, his manager, Col. Tom Parker, told reporters "Elvis didn't die. The body did." He went on to add that he'd "talked to him this morning," according to "Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies."

His death was initially attributed to a heart attack but was reportedly later changed to an accidental drug overdose.

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