Iranian media caught out using video game Medal of Honor to brag about sharpshooting skills

What’s wrong with this video?

According to the Iranian government, it shows one of the country’s crack shot sharpshooters taking out a group of Islamic State militants with deadly accuracy in just minutes.

The footage, which has been running on television in the Middle Eastern state, claims the sniper was even using an Iranian made Arash rifle, France 24 reports.

But if the movement of the victims, the velocity of the bullets or the strange distortions on the screen look a little odd there is good reason.

This is actually a video taken from the hit video game Medal of Honor. It appears to be all but identical to a ‘Lets Play’ video posted to YouTube in 2012 by a user called TheChronicGamer29.

"This is part 11 of my playthrough of Medal of Honor!,” he wrote on the original upload.

“This is my personal favorite mission in this game.”

It also appears to be Iran’s favourite Medal of Honor mission.

Headlines linked to the video in media coverage have claimed it shows a crack shot sniper killing six Islamic State fighters in just two minutes.

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