iPhone users rave over 'crazy' feature on new device: 'FINALLY'

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Apple has unveiled its latest smartphone with many customers exalting a prominent new feature on the face of the iPhone Pro version.

When Apple pushed the touchscreen right to the edge of its famed product a few of years ago, it meant there was a dreaded black "notch" at the top of the screen which housed the front facing camera and Face ID tech.

Well, for those who are willing to fork out for the latest premium iPhone, those days are (pretty much) over.

The floating notch on the iPhone 14 now effectively functions as a notification centre.
The floating notch now effectively functions as a notification centre. Source: Reuters

In what Apple CEO Tim Cook called "the most innovative pro lineup yet", the biggest design change for the device means the notch is now pill shaped and floats at the top of the screen. It houses the Face ID components and expands to display applications like music being played, AirPod connectivity, calls and other notifications like the status of your Uber ride which pop out of the notch in a rather schmick animation.

The company calls the system the "Dynamic Island".

"Honestly, this new iPhone 14 Pro notch system is great. Apple always comes up with impressive ways to combine software design with hardware," veteran tech journalist Tom Warren reacted.

While some labelled the unveiling event "underwhelming", others on social media were pretty impressed with the new-look notch system.

Despite its widespread adoption across the smartphone sector, the notch had been a point of contention for some Apple devotees who griped about its appearance.

"FINALLY! There is no notch in the iPhone 14 pro!" exalted one Twitter user.

"The way Apple made the iPhone 14 Pro notch dynamic is crazzzyyyy," another said.

"Okay this new Dynamic Island is such a sick way to utilise the iPhone’s notch," a popular streamer also posted to Twitter after the product unveiling event on Thursday morning.

However not everyone one was thrilled with the design, after expectations were raised about the notch's pending disappearance.

"I’m never listening to any of you 'tech experts' ever again. Apple kept the notch on the iPhone, liars," one person wrote.

While on YouTube creator thought Samsung's top range Galaxy device provided a more elegant solution.

Whatever your opinion, getting your hands on the "dynamic" notch doesn't come cheap as the price of the iPhone 14 Pro in Australia is $1,749 and $1899 for the larger 'Max' version. The regular iPhone 14 will set you back $1399.

Other notable features on the iPhone 14:

  • The phones are fitted with improved cameras and sharper sensors. The Upgraded camera system boasts a wider aperture and a new 12mp selfie camera with autofocus.

  • The range has a new crash detection feature which can detect a severe car crash and automatically dial emergency services when a user is unconscious or unable to reach their iPhone.

  • Apple has also added a new "emergency SOS via satellite feature", allowing users to establish a connection with a satellite to send texts from remote locations.

  • The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will have the A15 bionic chip, while the Pro models come with a new and powerful A16 chip.

  • The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus also feature the durable Ceramic Shield front cover — exclusive to iPhone and tougher than any other smartphone glass, the company claims.

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