Investigation reveals Cobby killers planned to escape from jail

Chris Reason and Kamilia Palu

A Seven News investigation has revealed that the men who raped and murdered Sydney nurse Anita Cobby were planning to break out of jail.

The recordings from the secret wire tap exposed talks of using guns and even a bulldozer to knock down prison walls.

Anita Cobby, 26, was in the prime of her life at the time of her murder. Photo: 7 News

Anita was a 26-year-old nurse at the time of her murder 30 years ago.

She was grabbed by a group of men as she was walking home from Blacktown train station.

The new evidence may ensure that the men who violently robbed, tortured and raped her will never be released.

John Travers, the ringleader of the gang of men, spilled his murder confession and his jailbreak plans to his aunty.

Miss X, as she is being referred to, was secretly recording the conversations with her nephew for police during a visit to the prison.

The beautiful nurse was walking home after work from Blacktown train station when she was grabbed by a group of men. Photo: 7 News

“We’ll get you out tomorrow, alright? We'll have a full tank of gas and everything and we'll be ready OK?” Miss X can be heard saying to Travers.

“If I get bail that's it. Good, good bye Australia!" Travers replies.

The tapes aired for the first time on Monday, and the public heard of the dramatic plans to get Travers out of prison.

“We just got to get you out. That's the hard part. I can't think - apart from getting a f***ing bulldozer through the wall. I can't think of any other way,” Miss X can be heard saying to Travers.

Anita's husband, John, spoke publicly for the first time since his wife's murder. Photo: 7 News

“We could always head straight up north to Queensland, right up the very, very top...and Indonesia is the next one up."

The two spoke of farcical plots including a machine gun raid on the police station and the possibility of fleeing to New Zealand or further.

Police have praised Miss X for her bravery and cooperation, and have now assisted her overseas to join the witness protection program.

Author and expert in the case of Anita’s murder, Mark Morri, said the criminals’ escape may have been welcome for Anita’s husband John.

Five men were convicted of robbing, raping and torturing Anita on that fateful night 30 years ago. Photo: 7 News

"Half of him would hate it - the other half would if be thinking - if they get out I can get them!" Mr Morri told 7 News.

Mr Morri revealed Mr Cobby was so keen for revenge that he changed his name and vowed to get a job at Long Bay Jail.

“Low and behold 10 years later where does he end up? In the jail system and working,” Mr Morri said.

But John Cobby - never got his chance.

He spoke to the media for the first time in 30 years on Monday and detailed the horror of losing his soul mate.

John Cobby told 7 News how his life spiralled downhill after Anita's death. Photo: 7 News

He said his life spiralled out of control, and told 7 News how he wanted to die rather than live without Anita.

The grieving husband described his loving wife as an ‘amazingly beautiful’ woman.

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