Instagram twins slammed over 'hypocritical' homeless man video

Famous Instagram twins have faced the wrath of outraged social media users after posting a seemingly staged video that some viewed as insensitive and hypocritical.

The 40 second video, uploaded to the joint account of Russian sisters Adelya and Alina Fakhteeva, showed them strutting through Kazan, a city in southwest Russia, and encountering a homeless man.

As the 24-year-olds approached him, they commented “poor thing, he probably hasn't eaten for a long time” before using a phone app to order him some sushi.

A delivery man was shown delivering the Japanese food, with them standing either side of his wheelchair and feeding him piece-by-piece using chopsticks.

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They then left him on his own with the partially eaten box resting on his lap.

As the video ended, the man said “everyone knows that there are good people who can help”.

The way the clip was presented, as well as the caption that accompanied it, drew heavy criticism from viewers who expressed their anger in comments.

“Every day we see people in the street who need help. After all, are we within our power to pay attention to them? Do not pass by...Yes, homeless cats may be nicer, but people also need our help (and) support,” the caption read.

They also used the words “We Care” as part of their entry into a competition organised by an association called the “Youth of Tatarstan”.

Expensive items to be won included an iPhone XR, a PlayStation 4, and an Apple Watch Series 4.

The twins were slammed over the "insensitive" Instagram video. Source: Instagram/adelalinka_life
The twins were slammed over the "insensitive" Instagram video. Source: Instagram/adelalinka_life

Critics slammed the pair on the presumption they would be able to afford to buy the goods themselves, given the luxurious lifestyle they flaunt online.

Furious viewers accused the twins of taking advantage of the homeless man to boost their own profiles and chances of winning a prize in the competition.

“These twins are so divorced from real life that they do not even understand how the poor can be helped,” someone wrote in a comment.

“These hens don't give a damn about this homeless man, they wanted to get an iPhone, not help a person,” another said.

“So much hypocrisy in these forty two seconds,” a third person wrote.

Comments on the video have since been disabled.

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