Instagram change could make things very awkward

Instagram is about to make it much easier for you to see if any of your friends have decided to unfollow you for too many food pictures.

A brand new “follows you” feature is finally set to appear on profiles, which until now had been absent from the photo app.

One of the drawbacks of not having the feature was not knowing who followed you easily – but it also enabled you to unfollow someone without them noticing too obviously.

The feature will make it easier to see who follows and unfollows you on Instagram. File pic. Source: Getty Images

However, when you unfollow someone on Instagram in the future, the “follows you” sign will disappear – making it more difficult to secretly hide them.

What makes this potentially even more embarrassing is that if you decide to follow someone again, they will get a notification saying so.

This feature is something Twitter has long-done, although you can simply mute people on there without having to take the drastic and potentially explosive decision to unfollow them.

Instagram currently does not allow you to mute user posts, meaning if you’ve had enough of seeing arty shots of cups of coffee, you either have to put up with them or unfollow.

This new feature has the potential to ruin friendships – so you’d better make sure to pick who to follow wisely.