Influencers spark fury after blocking Sydney street for photos

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A number of social media influencers have caused fury in Sydney for blocking a street renowned for its colourful jacaranda trees.

The jacaranda trees in Kirribilli in Sydney’s north have bloomed, bringing a picturesque shade of purple with them for spring.

A man poses for a photo amongst jacaranda trees at Kirribilli in Sydney.
A man takes a selfie in Kirribilli on Sunday. Source: AAP

But with the blooming colourful trees has come hordes of people wanting to get photos with them for social media.

One woman posted on Instagram that she had travelled “all the way from South America” to enjoy the trees.

Another posted photos but conceded “the local traffic and crowds are not a really good combo at times”.

She seemed to echo the sentiment of locals complaining about people blocking the streets.

People pose for a photo amongst jacaranda trees at Kirribilli in Sydney.
People pose for a photo amongst jacaranda trees at Kirribilli in Sydney.

Council have brought in two variable message signs to warn people who might stop for a snap.

On Facebook, one resident wrote while they “love” the trees, the traffic on Sunday in the area “was a bit mad”.

However, not everyone was angry about people stopping to enjoy the trees adding “everyone” is welcome.

“Everyone welcome, I say,” one woman wrote.

“We should remember visitors to Kirribilli usually support our local village shops.”

North Sydney Council Mayor Jilly Gibson told Yahoo News Australia it’s a “delightful time” to live in Kirribilli but urged people to be careful.

Cr Gibson added anyone frustrated by increased visitors to the area needed to put it into perspective.

“People are just out to enjoy themselves and soak up the atmosphere,” she said.

“Generally, from what I’ve seen, everyone’s been cooperative. It’s a very short season. You need to think about how lucky you are to live in an area other people want to visit particularly after such a dreadful year people have had with Covid.”

Sydney University student Shi Yi told The Sydney Morning Herald last year the jacaranda covered street is popular with Chinese tourists who usually share the pics on social media.

Ms Yi added she believes “jacaranda season” is the best time to visit Sydney.

“It's the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen,” she told SMH.

People pose for a photo amongst jacaranda trees at Kirribilli in Sydney.
Streets blocked as people stop for photos amongst the trees. Source: AAP

Milson Precinct Jillian Christie told KISS FM in 2018 it can be difficult driving through the street at times during jacaranda season “without hitting a tourist”.

“They are out in the middle of the road,” she told the radio station.

“We all love it and we are understanding but we don’t want the tourists hurt.”

It’s likely there will be less visitors this year though due to travel restrictions surrounding Covid-19.

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