'Incredibly disturbing' smash and grab caught on camera at Michael Hill store

It was one of two attacks on a Michael Hill store over the weekend.

Shocking footage has emerged online of thieves ransacking a jewellery store while a stunned security guard and customers stood by and watched the incident unfold.

A group of masked thieves can be seen wielding hammers and frantically smashing glass cabinets before pocketing the jewellery in the Michael Hill store on Saturday at Bayfair Shopping Centre on New Zealand's North Island.

In the footage security alarms can be heard while the store fills up with anti-theft smoke. People questioned why the security officer chose not to intervene with the thieves' actions — who were wearing face coverings to conceal their identities — however, many empathised believing it was ‘above his pay grade’ to get involved with criminals who were holding weapons.

Thieves can be seen smashing Michael Hill jewellery cabinets at a store in New Zealand.
Thieves ransacked a Michael Hill jewellery store in New Zealand on Saturday. Source: TikTok

A second incident on a Michael Hill store at Silverdale in Auckland on Sunday reportedly involved a 20-year old man who attempted a 'smash and grab' attack but fled the store after a fog cannon was activated, Stuff reports. He is now in police custody.

Michael Hill confident in security measures

Michael Hill, who has stores in both Australia and New Zealand, has reportedly been rolling out new protective measures to prioritise staff and team safety, as well as methods which make it harder for thieves to steal goods in store. Despite the two incidents over the weekend the retailer remains confident these measures are effective.

"We have continued to review our security measures to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our team and customers," chief executive Daniel Bracken said in a statement.

He said it was "incredibly disturbing" to see robberies continue and further security measures will be installed.

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