Incredible scenes as hundreds of birds cover Sydney street

Residents of a Sydney neighbourhood may have some cleaning to do after hundreds of what is believed to be corellas set up camp on their roofs, cars, front lawns and driveways.

The incredible scene was filmed by a local and uploaded to TikTok on Tuesday, where it has already been viewed close to 130,000 times.

In the video, a plague proportion of the "loud and obnoxious" birds were shown making themselves at home on people's properties and vehicles, as well as council light poles.

Hundreds of birds, believed to be corellas, were filmed taking over a Sydney street.
Hundreds of birds were filmed taking over a Sydney street. Source: TikTok/justsheff33

It was not clear exactly where the video was taken or what caused the giant influx of white cockatoos, but many speculated it could have been the result of tree clearing in recent years.

"Maybe the trees that used to be there before the houses were built was home for them," one person wrote in a comment.

"Oh how sad we are taking all the habitats away," another said.

Someone else suggested that a truck full of bird seed may have crashed nearby and attracted the animals to the area.

While the sound in the clip was covered up by a popular TikTok song Oh No, many were certain the noise of the birds would be almost unbearable in real life.

"That is so cool. Noisy, but cool," one wrote.

"I bet that sounded amazing," someone else sarcastically remarked.

"I couldn't imagine the noise," a third said.

Several others expressed their relief that it wasn't their cars or homes subject to the volume of excrement bound to be left behind by the cockatoos.

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