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Coles worker makes unhygienic find on supermarket shelf

A Coles worker has made a disturbing discovery inside an old carton that had been used to display products on a shelf.

The employee shared a photo to Facebook showing a dead mouse at the bottom of a cardboard box he said formerly contained mayonnaise.

"Found this little dude in this mayo carton today," the worker shared to a private group on Sunday.

A file image of a Coles worker stacking a drinks fridge.
The Coles worker encountered a small dead mouse in an old mayonnaise box. Source: Getty (file picture),

The photo showed the mayonnaise previously contained in the box was a "creamy and tangy" variety.

One person suggested the mouse appeared to have "been living in there by the look of the stains in the box".

Others made cruel jokes about the mouse's body being creamy and tangy, just like the mayonnaise.

"Lucky you found it and not a customer," someone else wrote in a comment.

Another worker claimed if they had found the mouse, they would refuse to work with any more boxes.

"If I found that I wouldn’t be opening any more cartons," they wrote.

Dead mouse found in a cardboard box inside a Coles store.
This was the dead mouse found in a cardboard box that formerly contained mayonnaise. Source: Facebook

Some were more sympathetic towards the small animal, describing it a "cute little guy".

"RIP mouse, cause of death: Too much mayo consumption," someone added.

"Mayo Rest In Peace my dude," another said.

It was not clear which Coles store the employee was working in when he found the mouse.

A Coles spokesperson said there were processes in place to keep pests out of stores.

“Coles has an integrated pest management system, which primarily focuses on keeping pests out of our stores, then controlling pests should they find their way into our stores," they told Yahoo News Australia.

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