Incredible footage of truckie trying to escape Queensland tornado

A truck driver who though he could outrun the Queensland tornado got caught right in the middle of it – and he has the footage to prove it.

The truckie was driving near Kingaroy when he found himself in a sticky situation.

“I think I’m in a bloody twister!,” he can be heard saying as he presses record on his phone.

The result is some of the clearest vision so far of the tornado that ripped through Tansey last week.

The truckie heads into the eye of the tornado. Source: 7 News

“What to do, what to do,” the truckie can be heard wondering aloud.

Despite the danger, he records the chaos on his mobile phone while driving on.

The video shows how close the tornado came to a school as he passes it on his left.

Other cars head away, headlights on, but he continues, hoping to outrun it.

Moments later, all hell breaks loose as his windscreen cracks.

The windscreen cracks as the truckie drives into the tornado. Source: 7 News

“Oh no! This is bad, this is bad!” he shouts, before the rain comes pelting down.

“Oh no….oh come on … Can’t see a bloody thing guys!”, he exclaims.

When he finally gets through, his truck is battered, with smashed headlights, windows and mirrors.

Luckily for the driver, he walked away unharmed – with an unforgettable story to tell.

Another Queenslander who has a story to tell is Fiona Simpson, the brave mum who ended up battered and bruised after shielding her baby from a ferocious hailstorm during the extreme weather event.

The tornado whipped up considerable damage in Tansey. Source: 7 News