Doctors find PHONE inside man's stomach - see the x-ray

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Doctors have made an amazing discovery inside the stomach of a 33-year-old man.

Dr Skender Telaku, from Kosovo, posted about the man on Facebook after he visited doctors late last month.

It is not known why but somehow the man had a Nokia 3310 mobile phone in his stomach.

Surprisingly, Dr Telaku wrote surgeons did not have to cut the man open to remove it because luckily the phone was split into three parts.

An X-ray shows a Nokia 3310 phone lodged in a man's stomach.
An X-ray shows the Nokia phone in the man's body. Source: Facebook/ Skender Telaku

However, there was concern that the phone’s battery might damage the man’s organs.

Doctors performed an endoscopy to remove the device. Endoscopies involve using a long, flexible tube which is inserted into the body.

“In the end, we took out the battery, which is the most dangerous of all these parts because that part was irradiated and could explode in the intestines, releasing chemicals,” Dr Telaku told the Pristina media.

The procedure lasted two hours. The man suffered no further complications after the phone was removed.

A Nokia 3310 is pictured after being removed from a man's stomach.
The Nokia 3310 phone after it was removed from the man's stomach. Source: Facebook/ Skender Telaku

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